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The other night I was doing some research on OCD as I typically do every night. I guess you could say reading up about OCD is my compulsion to my intruding thoughts. The research I do gives me reassurance that I suffer from OCD and am not crazy. Anyway, I came across an article written my a man named Seth Madej. The article he wrote is so identical to my OCD story that I suddenly felt a sense of relief. There is someone out there that I can confirm knows exactly what I have been going through. I’ve read Seth’s article a couple of times now each time making me feel more reassured than ever that it is truly OCD I suffer from, not me just being crazy. I highly encourage you to read his article at least one time! It is truly inspiring and easy for OCD sufferers to relate to.     


Change in Medication

After so long, an SSRI medication can stop working. That is the reason my doctor has taken me off of celexa and put me on prozac. I am on week three of taking the prozac and I am still not feeling as well as I did when on the celexa. I know it does take time for a medication to fully work. Because it has been 3 weeks and I am still not feeling the full benefit, I am hoping she will increase the amount I take. She has me on 30 mg, but 40 mg is typically the average amount. The thing with medication is not every medication will work for you. You may have to try a few before finding one that actually works for you. Another main reason my doctor changed my medication was due to the fact that my OCD has sprung up again. She felt that the prozac may give me more relief from the OCD. Unfortunately that has not been the case. I am willing to give the prozac a couple more weeks to see if I do get the full benefit, but if after that time I feel I did not get it, I will be making another appointment to see what my next option is. When taking medication, be honest with your doctor about how it is making you feel. Don’t just settle for the bare minimum. There are plenty of other medications that your doctor can have you try, so get talking.

My experience with blogging

This is the first blog I have ever created. I like the idea that I am able to help people by telling them my story with anxiety and OCD. Iv’e always felt that one of my callings in life is to help people with their experiences with mental illness. This is a great first step to help me do just that. By having a blog I am able to promote myself through social media. Maybe one day in the future some one will invite me out to give a presentation on anxiety and OCD. That is the power of social media, to get your name out there. Using different social media sites is effective in that it gives your name more out reach to the public. Connecting my blog through twitter is the smartest idea I would say because any one can see your tweets and can click on your blog post through your tweets. I would like to improve on learning even more about anxiety and OCD so I can be more helpful to people who read my blog. I want to be that person that people can depend on getting answers from about anxiety and OCD to help them conquer their battles. Hopefully in the future I will be that person. I am planning on majoring in mass communication with a focus on public relations. There is a lot I can do with that major in the job field that in the end could help me become a professional in the fact that people can depend on me to help them with their anxiety and OCD. As for now though, I am still improving on my knowledge and skills which can be put forth into helping people in the future. I am only a freshman in college so I still have plenty of time to improve! Follow me on twitter for easier access to my blog.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

If you suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, there is a possibility you may also suffer from OCD. Just because you have generalized anxiety, I do not want you to think automatically that you have OCD. It is just another factor that may come along with your anxiety. I for one do suffer from OCD. I have OCD of thoughts. Basically, I will get a negative thought that scares me and it will constantly repeat in my mind. Now, you can have OCD of washing your hands or OCD of public spaces. There are hundreds of different OCDs that people suffer from. As for mine, it comes and goes randomly. The first time I experienced it was the summer before my sophomore year of high school. When I first began having the thoughts, I had no idea what was causing them. It took me about one month before I told anyone. I eventually could not take it anymore and had to tell my mom. I immediately saw a therapist to help me fight this battle. There were many sleepless nights and panic attacks throughout my episode. I could not do anything in the day or night. I was so scared that I would just curl up into a little ball and sit there. I do not feel comfortable telling what my negative thought was. Sometimes it is hard to tell someone because you do not want them looking at you like you are crazy. With OCD you are not crazy. It is simply a mental disorder that a lot of people suffer from. It took me about 4 months to fight this battle. If it were not for my therapist, Debora Crowne, I do not think I would be as strong and I am today. This past December, I went through my second battle with the thought. This time it only lasted about a month. I knew the techniques to help rid of the thoughts, but I still saw a therapist to help me with the techniques. Even though I had experienced this before, it was still a struggle to get through. I had constant panic attacks and sleepless nights just like before. The fact that I knew some techniques and got help immediately is what allowed me to fight this battle faster than last time. Since December of 2012, I have not had the thoughts again. With OCD, they can come back at anytime. They could come back tomorrow or forty years from now. As for now, I am enjoying life as a college student praying that my thoughts never return. I am prepared though for if they do. If you suffer from any type of OCD, you are not alone. See a therapist right away and I guarantee they will help tremendously. Jim McIngvale, the owner of Gallery furniture has a daughter, Elizabeth who has suffered from OCD since she was twelve. She has started an organization known as Peace of Mind. I highly encourage you to check it out!

Elizabeth McIngvale

Elizabeth McIngvale